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Around a million people in the UK work in sales. We represent one of the largest areas of employment, but we are unrecognised and undervalued as a profession, until now.

Whether you are starting out in sales, an experienced sales professional, or a seasoned sales leader, we are here for you and can help you in many ways.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Learning and development: access to webinars, whitepapers and sales insights to help you on your learning journey
  • Marketing: a set of post-nominal letters you can use on emails, social media and proposals to help you enhance your professional standing
  • Networking with likeminded individuals to help your overcome challenges and learn new ideas
  • Reputation: a 40-minute examination to demonstrate you are an ethical sales professional

As a profession

Your membership is an investment in the sales profession itself. So far membership funding has enabled us to lobby for and develop the successful Sales Apprenticeship Programme, giving employers access to millions of pounds worth of levy funded sales training and development, and a pipeline of sales talent.

We are working towards getting sales recognised as a chartered profession and we will continue to lobby government on issues that concern you and your team success. Professional sales practice is critical to the UK economy and with your support, as your professional body, we will make sure we continue to lobby for further funding, change in legislation, and greater recognition.

Individual members

You will be joining other like-minded professionals getting recognised for their skills and professionalism.

It will impact your credibility and earning potential as you gain access to the latest, best in class sales development content, events and seminars.

It elevates your reputation as someone committed to building trust-based relationships via our FAIR ethics code of conduct. It will also boost your career opportunities as you get access to a supportive network of sales professionals and subsidised education and qualifications.

Become an individual member

Membership grades

GradeWho is it for?Price (+VAT)

Founding Fellow


Founding Fellows are sales professionals who were APS and ISM Fellows.No further applications will be received as these are legacy APS/ISM Fellows.

People who have made a material contribution to sales, either via academia or service to the profession. Application only.

Sales leaders, directors and managers. For people whose role primarily involves the running of sales teams.£240
For people who are customer-facing and their primary role is selling, account management or business development.£240
For people who are not directly involved in selling - trainers, sales enablement and lobbyists.£240
EPNFor people at the early stages of their career (not a full ISP membership).£99.90

Corporate members

Corporate membership is the gateway to a multitude of benefits.

Initially, getting the sales team educated and recognised as ethical sales professionals is a way to boost their reputation and credibility in the eyes of your customers. It has been proven to be the deciding factor in responses to tenders, pitches and at buyer decision time.

Membership automatically gives your sales function access to up-to-date sales knowledge via our CPD platform. This can be curated for your teams needs, but more importantly builds a culture of accountability and a commitment to self development - something we know is critical for sustaining high performing teams.

Beyond this, corporate membership helps you to create a positive and engaged sales culture as we give you access to the best ways to be inclusive and diverse, create a qualification based career path that leads to lower risk recruitment, higher levels of talent retention and more successful succession planning.

Become a Corporate Member

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