For organisations who provide high quality sales training we can support you with an endorsement

Our endorsement means that your learners will have the confidence of knowing that the training you provide is certified by the industry’s professional body.

What is it?

ISP Endorsement of your sales academy / training centre is the mark of recognition for high quality sales training programmes. Displaying the “ISP Endorsed Training Provider” logo on your training materials and website tells your customers that:

  • You adhere to nationally recognised professional standards and the ISP Competency Framework.
  • You regularly provide evidence that your sales training programmes are well designed and delivered to a high standard and quality criteria; and
  • That your training programme have been quality assured by an external professional body (the ISP).

What it does

Benchmarks your training programmes against the highest quality sales training available in the market today

  • Maps your sales training against the ISP nationally recognised Competency and Quality Framework
  • Provides evidence, supported by the ISP's quality assurance system, that your training programmes are well designed and are delivered to consistent standards
  • Says that your training programmes have been benchmarked against industry standards and are written to meet key business needs in the real world
  • Confirms that your training programmes promote professionalism and excellence within the sales force
  • Enables employers to identify high quality training courses
  • Gives confidence to your employers/customers that they are dealing with a professional and ethical provider.

The benefits of Endorsement

ISP Endorsement of your sales training is an acknowledgement that your training programmes are well designed and are delivered to consistent standards over time, by different trainers, at all your various sites.

In addition you will receive two complimentary memberships, exclusive access to our CPD platform and curated training material to support your training delivery and your learners’ and staff CPD.

Your learner’s can all take advantage of a Student Membership rate if they join when registered on your training programme.

It also gives you a commercial advantage with demonstrating the quality of your training for new customers and a way of encouraging employees to undertake training.


We will supply you with high quality printed and branded certificates which we will have the learner’s name, your company name, logo and course details.

Once you have satisfied IPS’ Endorsement Training quality assurance requirements, claiming candidate certificates is a straightforward process, involving completion of a certificate claim spreadsheet.

How to apply

Contact our Education Team through the contact form. They’ll talk you through the process and if you meet the initial requirements for endorsement they will send you a link to an online application form.

After that, we will need to approve you as an ISP Endorsed Training Provider before you can deliver an ISP Endorsed Training programmes. At the same time we will accredit your training programme, by evaluating:

  • The objectives of your programme
  • How you are planning to deliver the training and support your delegates
  • The content of your programme
  • How closely your programme matches the ISP Competency and Qualification Framework.

For more information on the process and costs for endorsement, membership and certification please contact us using this Contact Form.