Until now sales development has tended to be bespoke, responsive to need and unregulated

The demand for instant impact can come at the expense of longer term needs such as commercial acumen, developing professional behaviours and decision making.

With a lack of industry-wide accepted standards and education requirements, it has been hard for a sales person to engage with a career long development pathway that they can take with them from role to role, for organisations to assess the standard of a sales person when recruiting or for learning and development functions to measure impact with consistency over time.

Our Ofqual approved sales qualification framework, with its range of accreditations and competencies that all speak to each other, solves all of these problems as they:

  • Brings rigor, credibility and authority to any sales education and training provided
  • The requirement for evidence in vocational qualifications forces a focus on embedding skills after learning
  • It dramatically improves engagement as the sales person sees its value to their individual career with industry-wide recognition
  • Provides a recognised development pathway that positively impacts recruitment, succession planning and retention
  • Competencies aligned to sales education assessments and appraisals easily demonstrates immediate value and impact on key sales enablement needs.
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