Becoming a FAIR ethical sales professional is a key part of membership. It involves passing an exam on sales ethics and committing to a code of conduct.

Once you have made this commitment and passed your exam, you will be publicly acknowledged as an ethical salesperson. You will be added to a register of ethical sellers and can display official branding that confirms this to others.

  • Who is it for?

    All members of the ISP. All members must pass the ethics exam and sign up to the code of conduct. Those in a sales role who do not yet qualify as a member, but who are ready to commit to ethical sales behaviours.

  • Why is it important to you?

    Now more than ever ethical selling and being able to prove ethical standards is crucial. The demand for measures of trust is moving into the business-to-business environment with more than 70% of buyers saying that having trust in a salesperson is fundamental to their buying decision. By passing the FAIR Sales Ethics exam you will identify as a professional who can be trusted to behave ethically.

  • How does it work?

    Once you start your membership with us you will be automatically enrolled on the ISP Ethical Seller exam. You can also join the FAIR programme independently for £75.

    At enrollment you will be given access to documents and videos that will prepare you for all you need to know to take the exam. The exam itself is taken online with multiple choice questions on facts and scenarios you may face. You will then be asked to officially commit to the FAIR code of conduct. The exam is retaken every 2 years, so you can continue to prove your knowledge and commitment to sales ethics.

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