Win / Loss Tool

What is it?

It is a measure created using a quick survey covering key elements of the buying cycle to obtain feedback from both customers who were won and lost.

It demonstrates the gap between what the salesperson believe they are doing to how it is perceived by the customers. As a result, sales managers get an unbiased view of what worked, what did not and the level of control that can be exerted on those areas. The report combined with other insights can be used to understand what the organisation can do to:

  1. Improve salespersons skills and professionalism
  2. Enhance performance by revealing perceived gaps between salesperson and customer

Why we created it

The buying process is getting complex involving multiple stages and people. With minimal differentiation between products or solutions, the salesperson/team's ability to perceive and respond to customer needs and wants differentiates winners to the also rans.

The win-loss approach helps create a structure to understand what a customer perceives as valuable and those that are not in the buying cycle. It compares this against what the salesperson and or the organisation think they are doing revealing obvious gaps.

Sales managers can determine how to bridge the gap to create support systems that work and understand the impact of support provided on performance. Sales leaders can use this to understand and train sales managers and get them to attract, acquire, retain, and grow their sales teams.

What is great about it

Companies can over a period develop blind spots on aspects of the buying/selling cycle and take some of their strengths for granted. Having this insight would help them to prepare better for each conversation. A sales leader on the other hand gets an overview of the organisation and teams' ability to win or lose business. The insight can be used to create team performance training programmes.