Sales Persona metric tool

What is it?

It is a representation of an organisation’s salespeople and their ideal customers based on the unique profiling tool created by us. It can be enriched by adding other data like demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations, and communication styles. The persona report combined with other insights can be used to understand what an organisation can do to:

  1. Enhance the buying experience for customers
  2. Improve the selling experience for salespeople

Why we created it

Personas help create a structure to understand buyer and seller behaviours and motivations which enhances the company's insight. Personas help an organisation to determine where to focus their time, guide product development, and allow for alignment across the organisation. This includes understanding and training salespeople and get them to attract, acquire, serve, and retain the most valuable customers.

What is great about it

In a B2B scenario, a salesperson might have to deal with multiple personas. Having the insight would help them to prepare better for each conversation. In the same vein understanding the persona of the seller would help their managers create a team performance training programme.