Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) Tool

What is it?

It is a quick survey completed by customers based on the unique profiling tool created by us. It helps understand the levels of trust, loyalty, commitment the customer has with the salesperson, the organisation, and the product.

It also reveals the levels of care and empathy demonstrated by the salesperson towards them. The customer relationship quality report combined with other insights can be used to understand what the organisation can do to:

  1. Improve the buying experience for customers
  2. Enhance performance by addressing process and people challenges

Why we do it

The CRQ metric helps create a structure to understand the actions that build trust and demonstrate empathy which in turn identifies the levels of satisfaction, commitment, and loyalty the customers demonstrate.

The CRQ metric will help an organisation to understand what the star salesperson is doing, the processes that work, the impact of support provided etc. Sales managers can determine where to focus their time, guide product development, and allow for alignment across the organisation. This includes understanding and training salespeople and get them to attract, acquire, serve, and retain the most valuable customers.

What is great about it

In a B2B scenario, a salesperson might have to deal with multiple stakeholders. Having the insight would help them to prepare better for each conversation. In the same vein understanding the overall quality of relationships and the resultant customer intent would help their managers create a training programme to help their salespersons perform better.