Selling Professionally: A guide to becoming a world-class sales executive

You don't have to be born a world-class salesperson you can become one.

There is a common misconception that selling is an art. It isn't. It is a professional service that helps customers get what they need or want. To become a sales professional you need to understand what to do, how to do it and how to do it well. Selling Professionally will equip early career professionals with the knowledge, skills and behaviour to succeed in sales.

This book is essential reading for those studying degree apprenticeships in business-to-business selling or undertaking sales qualifications.

Using a blend of robust research and real-life examples, this invaluable guide will help you learn how to:

Win customers and keep them
Sell successfully in many different industries
Pursue a successful career in sales

The B2B Sales Top Tips Guidebook by Jim Irving

Imagine having easy access to some of the world’s best advice on B2B selling - information, knowledge, and wisdom!

The B2B Sales Top Tips Guidebook delivers just that. 36 chapters of real guidance, ideas, tactics, and insight specifically for B2B salespeople – all based on a total of over 740 years, (yes that’s 740 years!) of experience in B2B sales.

Jim is a Founding Fellow of the ISP and a member of the ISP’s Parliamentary Advisory Committee.

The book is written – for you – by Jim Irving, AND his friends. This book contains guest chapters from 26 sales coaches, sales thought leaders, procurement specialists, sales authors, business gurus and friends. Each one delivers a single chapter on a powerful topic. Clearly, simply, and effectively creating an incredible resource for you. Every single one based on serious real-life experience. Jim adds another 10 chapters in his own, award-winning, inimitable style.

These guests come from the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA. Each is very successful in their own right. Together, this unique book delivers big time…

Jim Irving has sold complex, high value solutions and services in over 25 countries. He has managed sales teams of all sizes, and then led small, medium and very large businesses. His career was highly successful, with multiple successful awards and turnrounds. After 30 years in the corporate world, he started his own business, helping start-up and high growth companies to accelerate their growth. He has been doing this for the last 15 years, with great results for his clients.

Among the UK contributors are Alison Edgar MBE, Fred Copestake, Colly Graham, Simon Hares, Andrew Hough (of the ISP), Jeremy Jacobs, Niraj Kapur, Steve Knapp, Jamie Martin and Mark Peacock. All are well known specialists/Speakers/Coaches in the UK

Similarly, the international contributors include Larry Levine, Patrick Tinney, Rick Denley, Vince Menzione, Mark Schenkius, Joe Barhoum and Brittany Baldwin.

A couple of comments –

“My pal Jim Irving has done it again! His first book on B2B Selling won a world-wide award. Hi second, on B2B Leadership gained critical acclaim. His third book is unique. He delivers more great advice on B2B sales. He has then also partnered with 26 others – authors (like me), procurement specialists, cloaches and respected friends who each added a chapter to create something very special. With over 740 years of experience in these pages, The B2B Sales Top Tips Guidebook will deliver wisdom directly to you!”

Alison Edgar, MBE. Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur.

“In today’s hyper-competitive B2B selling environment, it is imperative for salespeople to keep learning, thriving and adapting to the rapid changes around them. This book from Jim and 26 other specialist contributors delivers true value to your sales efforts. Choose a subject and learn from a real domain specialist. A great concept – absolutely thrilled to be involved!

Larry Levine – Author of ‘Selling from the Heart’.

Sales as a Career

  • Along with solid sales and digital skills, autonomy, resilience, and agility are important characteristics of a successful salesperson in the digital age.
  • Money is not the only motivator for salespeople anymore. Having a set of good organisational values (missions and purposes) and good personal development programmes are important in attracting good salespeople
  • Online social events, training, and flexible work arrangements are important motivators for salespeople working remotely.