Our vision

To support salespeople in achieving their career goals and delivering exceptional results.

Our mission

To create a world where sales is recognised and celebrated as a respected profession, through chartership, qualifications and exacting standards.

The EPN is a new and exciting sales network, dedicated to facilitating the differentiation, development and support of salespeople at early stages in their career.

Sales is a highly competitive industry for people who are looking to stand out from the crowd to increase their employment opportunities and gain a competitive advantage over their peers.

For people at early stages of their career, this can be challenging, so we have launched the EPN. We are an inclusive, safe space to develop yourself and network with like-minded individuals.

To register your interest, hit the button below and email us stating how long you've been working in Sales and your LinkedIn profile.

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Key benefits


Sales is a highly competitive industry, whereby to maximise career opportunities, you need to differentiate yourself from other salespeople. The EPN will support and develop you to master this skill.


Have access to a network of like-minded individuals. Benefit from the shared expertise of other members as they share best practice.


Benefit from contemporary, relevant content that is shared with you proactively, helping you to develop into a future sales leader.


Sales can be demanding, and the Emerging Professionals Network enables you to discuss the challenges you face with your peers in a safe environment


Our Ambassadors scheme is an exclusive, exciting group to be a part of. As an Ambassador, you will represent the EPN within your organisation. The management team of the EPN will communicate with you directly, sharing updates, event schedules, content and more. Quarterly calls will take place between Ambassadors and leaders of the Network to ensure members are getting the value they need. This provides you, as an Ambassador, an opportunity to share your thoughts and direct the Network. Ambassadors will also be encouraged to use their personal networks to connect and influence individuals who would benefit from the EPN.

How much time is involved?

We ask that all Ambassadors attend each quarterly call. In addition, other activities may take place between these calls, for example hosting calls within your organisation to relay updates to members of the Network.

Key benefits

Influence the Network

As an Ambassador, you will communicate directly with the leaders of the EPN. This provides an opportunity to share your thoughts and advise on how you envisage the Network to operate.

Extend your Network

Ambassadors will communicate with leaders of the EPN, enabling you to grow your personal network and meet key connections.

Develop new skills

Ambassadors have the responsibility of influencing and directing the Network to ensure members get the value they need. Ambassadors will develop their influencing and communications skills through their role.


Ambassadors will be rewarded for their input. Discounts on membership costs and incentives for inviting new members are included.