Trust: the growth engine of B2B customer relationships


As a result of joining this event the participant will know how trust works in B2B which will enable them to proactively apply it for mutual benefit.

Recommended audience

Commercial Leaders, Customer management leaders, client directors, partnership managers, buying directors, trading controllers

Type of audience

UK and International


Trust seems to be the buzzword of the moment in Business to Business, the new elixir that clinches contracts, opens doors and pushes up profits. We are led to believe, it can be created, adapted and turned on and off like a tap! With the majority of the theories and practices advocated often anecdotal. This session aims to add rigour to the investigation.

While overlaps and similarities exist in the way B2C and B2B operate, there are also significant differences; in B2B the issue of trust is less straightforward, its applications are often more nuanced and have greater impact on client relationships. Few studies have been made into the dynamic nature of trust within B2B relationships, or the interrelatedness of trust: How is it created? What are the benefits that flow from this relationship (mutual value)? The participants will have access to the latest thinking on trust within a B2B customer relationship context, drawing on leading academic research, directly from doctoral research undertaken by Mark as he answered this central question while gaining his Doctorate from the University of Southampton in 2020.

Key takeaways

  • What trust really means in a Business to Business context.
  • How does it work.
  • How you could pro-actively apply it.

CPD Points

CPD Points: Two (when attending live) or one (watching the recording)


Dr Mark Hollyoake

Mark holds a doctorate gained from the University of Southampton through his research focused on Trust as a dynamic within business to business customer relationships. He is a co-founder and Director of Customer Attuned Ltd and an expert in B2B Customer Experience and Customer Management. This includes CM strategy development; execution of improvement plans, including organisational modelling for customer management. His applied work has led to organisations making, significant improvements to their customer management. The focus of this work has been to move organisations up the Trust Ladder enabling them to benefit from reduced cost to serve, while continuing to innovate and deliver mutual value. He is an associate lecturer at the University of the West of England and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He holds an MBA in strategy from Henley Business School and a diploma in marketing.

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