The leadership paradox


9.00 - 10.00 am BST: As a result of joining this event, you will be more aware of your current leadership style, which will enable you to expand your range of leadership skills.

Recommended audience

Sales leaders

Type of audience

UK and International sales leaders


In theory, you could break a leader's role into two things. First - be able to successfully manage the day-to-day. Second - be prepared and ready for the future. Simple, no?

In practice, a leader's role is multi-faceted. Leaders are now facing a world that is getting increasingly complex, with new challenges and situations appearing from nowhere.

Often, what we expect from them can be contradictory; strong, yet vulnerable; confident yet humble.

Is it really possible to achieve both equally well?

Key takeaways

  • Three contradictory leadership styles to challenge your current thinking.
  • A fun 'animal' model which shows that all important how NOT to lead…
  • … as well as that all empowering how to lead.

CPD Points

CPD Points: Two (when attending live) or one (watching the recording)


Jacqueline Frost, Founder and Creative Director Elevate Talent Ltd

Jacqueline has 30+ years of investment banking and entrepreneurial experience. She started her banking career in Derivative Sales, later heading up the department as well as serving on the Executive Committee.

In 2009, given this experience of demanding roles in high pressured environments, she began coaching and mentoring senior female executives to share her tips and strategies.

In 2016, she founded Elevate - a global, virtual leadership programme from which more than 8000 women worldwide have graduated.

Parul Patel - Board Adviser/NED | Legal Consultant | Team Trainer through Game Play

Parul is a qualified lawyer and business affairs consultant, a non-executive director, and speaker/facilitator on wellbeing, inclusivity, and performance, with one aim: to enable and inspire people to make smarter choices for better outcomes even in difficult, disruptive circumstances. She has advised senior leaders at Nike, Speedo, Uniqlo, SMEs and social enterprises, and been invited to speak by Unilever, Eversheds,, and is a regular co-facilitator at Elevate Talent. She also developed FM:CatalyseGT, edutainment proven to improve trust, cognitive agility, and performance within multi-disciplinary teams in 1 day.

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