Six actionable steps to preparing financially quantified value propositions


As a result of attending this event you will know how to create advantage for your customers, which will enable you to minimise conversations about price and discounting.

Recommended audience

Senior sales professionals or anyone who is unsure about how to develop financially quantified value propositions that capture the attention of their customers.

Type of audience

UK and International


This webinar is for anyone who is unsure about how to develop financially quantified value propositions that capture the attention of their customers.

According to McKinsey, only 5% of companies in the UK have financially-quantified value propositions. My own research indicates a much lower percentage. Indeed, my work with the European Institute of Purchasing in Geneva and with the buying directors who are invited to address suppliers at my Cranfield School of Management Key Account Management Best Practice Research Club confirm that only 1% of their suppliers have financially-proven value propositions and for those suppliers they are prepared to pay a premium of up to 25% to deal with them.

Any supplier who can quantify financially how they can help their customers grow their profits will always succeed, no matter how difficult the market conditions.

A lot of what constitutes value from a supplier is about helping the customer to avoid disadvantage, but, much more importantly, those suppliers who can demonstrate that they will create advantage for them will be respected and there will be fewer conversations about price.

This webinar is especially current in that it also gives practical advice about how to proceed with value propositions in difficult market conditions.

Key takeaways

  • You will learn how to prepare financially quantified value propositions
  • You will learn how to improve your customer’s profitability
  • You will learn how to deliver this value to your customers

CPD Points

CPD Points: Two (when attending live) or one (watching the recording)


Malcolm H.B. McDonald MA(Oxon) MSc PhD DLitt DSc, FF.ISP
Emeritus Professor, Cranfield University School of Management

Until 2003, Malcolm was Professor of Marketing and Deputy Director of Cranfield University School of Management, with special responsibility for E-Business. He is a graduate in English Language and Literature from Oxford University, in Business Studies from Bradford University Management Centre, and has a PhD from Cranfield University. He also has a Doctorate from Bradford University and from the Plekhanov University of Economics in Moscow. He has extensive industrial experience, including a number of years as Marketing and Sales Director of Canada Dry. Until the end of 2012, he spent seven years as Chairman of Brand Finance plc.

He spends much of his time working with the operating boards of the world’s biggest multinational companies, such as IBM, Xerox, BP and the like, in most countries in the world, including Japan, USA, Europe, South America, ASEAN and Australasia.

He has written forty six books, including the best seller "Marketing Plans; how to prepare them; how to use them", which has sold over half a million copies worldwide. Hundreds of his papers have been published.

Apart from market segmentation, his current interests centre around the measurement of the financial impact of marketing expenditure and global best practice key account management. He is an Emeritus Professor at Cranfield and a Visiting Professor at Henley, Warwick, Aston and Bradford Business Schools.

In 2006 he was listed in the UK's Top Ten Business Consultants by the Times.


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