Introducing Mentor Moments: Episode One - Questioning


12.00 - 12.30 pm BST: This event is the first in our series of Mentor Moments when we are joined by leading sales experts who share their experience to help you build your knowledge and confidence across a range of key sales skills.

Recommended audience

Salespeople working across all industries and sectors

Type of audience

UK and International


Learning and refreshing key skills is essential to keep up to date in the fast-moving world of professional selling, but for hard-pressed salespeople, time is always tight.

With that in mind, the Institute of Sales Professionals is introducing a new series of 15-minute videos called Mentor Moments, that will guide you through important skills you should have in your professional toolkit.

Each video is presented by an experienced sales leader who will guide you through a particular area of sales knowledge that is close to their heart.

Our first video is about the art and science of questioning - the crucial skill of asking and listening, to make sure you and your customer can work together to achieve a successful deal that benefits both of you.

If you are new to continuing professional development, this is a perfect place to start - essential skills in 15-minute videos that you can watch live, or play, pause and review on our membership platform whenever you get a few free minutes.

Click here to watch our video trailer.

Key takeaways

  • What “Ted” questions are, and how they can improve your sales conversations.
  • How to structure your questions for a deeper understanding of your buyer.
  • How your questions help both you and your buyer recognise what they need.

CPD Points

CPD Points: One (when attending live) or half a point (watching the recording)


Patrick Joiner FF.ISP, managing director, ISP (Institute of Sales Professionals)

  • Experienced and engaging facilitator, coach and trainer
  • Specialising in sales, sales management, leadership and customer service
  • Experienced sales professional and sales leader
  • Worked across many sectors and global markets

Patrick Joiner has more than 30 years' experience working in the sales profession. After more than 10 years in sales and sales management in the publishing and exhibitions sectors, he spent seven years as chief executive of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management. For the last 16 years he has worked as a trainer, facilitator and coach, specialising in sales, sales management, and leadership. He has designed and delivered development programmes for companies across a wide range of sectors in more than 20 countries worldwide. A self-confessed 'sales geek', Patrick keeps across the latest research in sales-force effectiveness and sales best-practice which he shares with his clients in interactive and stimulating development programmes. His focus is on providing delegates with proven tools and approaches, and helping them to find ways to use these skills when working with their customers. He was appointed MD of the Institute of Sales Professionals in September 2021.

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