Innovative ways to recruit and retain sales talent


9.00 am BST: As a result of joining this event the participant will know ideas of how to motivate salespeople which will enable them to design incentive schemes.

Recommended audience

Sales managers, senior management

Type of audience

UK and International


Sales commission is not the best way to motivate salespeople.

Throughout a 20-year sales and sales management career I have never received or paid a sales commission. This has taken some strong courage of my convictions in the face of management, candidates and employees saying that it is essential and assuring me that sales cannot improve without it.

This session will look at the pros and cons of sales commission, the alternative ways to motivate a sales team and hopefully give you the courage to defy an industry standard pay structure, with the aim of creating more loyal, more motivated and more independent salespeople.

Key takeaways

  • Pros and cons of commission-based incentives for salespeople.
  • Why it makes sense to motivate salespeople without commission.
  • How to motivate salespeople without commission.

CPD Points

CPD Points: Two (when attending live) or one (watching the recording)


Alastair Morris, Managing Director (UK), Accu

Alastair is UK Managing Director of Accu, a high-growth e-commerce business, selling precision components to engineers. His career in sales spans manufacturing SMEs and corporate giants. His teams have won national high growth awards, Queen's Awards for Enterprise and he was named 2019 Sheffield Businessperson of the Year.

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