Humanising the sales mindset and approach


As a result of joining this event, the participant will know how to humanise their sales mindset and approach which will enable them to have more productive sales conversations.

Recommended audience

Sales leaders and team leaders. Sales executives and managers. Sales directors. Start-up or scale-up Founders of purpose-driven businesses.

Type of audience

UK and International


Successful sales conversations occur more often with the right mindset and attitude.

Hear a range of stories and opinions from sales leaders within ethical, mission-driven businesses about their own approaches and what works for them. The key to their success is the ability to have authentic conversations and adopt a range of humanistic b2b sales approaches.

Learn about what attributes to recruit for and coach your own salespeople for best outcomes. Or secure some food for thought regarding your own mindset and how you can shift it to be more aligned with a humanistic sales approach that generates real results.

This CPD session is the culmination of two years in leading ethical sales campaigns for purpose-driven businesses as well as drawing on a range of topical webinars we host with sales leaders on a quarterly basis.

Key takeaways

  • Learn about the top sales attributes displayed by purpose-driven sales leaders.
  • Find out ways to humanise your b2b sales approaches for best results.
  • Be inspired by trailblazing ethical businesses and their mission-led approaches to sales that you can apply to your own company.

CPD Points

CPD Points: Two (when attending live) or one (watching the recording)


Corinne Thomas, L.ISP, Managing Director of Ethical Sales Ltd

Corinne is the Managing Director of Ethical Sales Ltd, a sales agency on a mission to take the sting out of sales for purpose-driven businesses. With 25 years’ experience in sales at director level, Corinne has identified the need in modern-day business to humanise the b2b sales process. Alongside her team of skilled sales consultants, Corinne provides flexible, responsive b2b sales services to purpose-led businesses that are going for growth.

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