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Venue / Location (see RSA House link for full travel information)

Benjamin Franklin room, RSA House, 8 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6EZ

Recommended audience

All sales professionals

Type of audience

UK and International


  • 09.00 am: Registration, networking and refreshments
  • 09.20 am: Welcome from the ISP (Patrick Joiner, FF.ISP - MD of Institute of Sales Professionals)
  • 09.30 am: How not to Choke (Marius Barnard, Performance Executive Coach)
  • 10.00 am: Selling to Senior Executives (Phil Jones MBE, FF.ISP - MD of Brother)
  • 10.30 am: Coffee break and networking
  • 10.50 am: The 3 reasons people negotiate bad deals - and how to avoid them! (Steve Jones - Negotiation Expert and Coach)
  • 11.20 am: The Brutal Truth About Selling in a Changing World (Nevil Tynemouth - Founder of New Results)
  • 11.50 am: Final thoughts
  • Mid-Day: Event concludes

Topics and Presenters

Patrick Joiner, FF.ISP - Managing Director of ISP (Institute of Sales Professionals)

  • Highly experienced facilitator, coach and trainer
  • Specialising in sales, sales management, leadership and customer service
  • Experienced sales professional and sales leader
  • Worked across many sectors and global markets
  • Highly facilitative and engaging trainer

Patrick Joiner has more than 30 years' experience working in the sales profession. After more than 10 years in sales and sales management in the publishing and exhibitions sectors, he spent 7 years as Chief Executive of The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management. For the last 16 years he has worked as a trainer, facilitator and coach, specialising in sales, sales management, and leadership. He has designed and delivered development programmes for companies across a wide range of sectors in more than 20 countries world-wide. A self-confessed 'sales geek' he keeps himself abreast of the latest research in sales force effectiveness and sales best-practice which he shares with his clients in highly pragmatic, interactive, and stimulating development programmes. His focus is on providing delegates with proven tools and approaches and challenging them to find ways to put them into practice when working with their customers. He was appointed MD of the Institute of Sales Professionals in September 2021.

Marius Barnard: How not to Choke when you are under extreme pressure with a few simple rules and tools to manage your brain and emotions.

What I have learned about performance under pressure whether it is match point at Wimbledon, closing a sale or delivering an important message on stage or in the boardroom.

  • Focus intently on your simple strategy or process and not the desired outcome, especially if you are emotionally attached to a successful outcome.
  • Manage the gap between your expectations and your self-efficacy (belief in your own capabilities) on a particular task.
  • Shift the brain's activity from the limbic system (survival mode) to the cortex and empathic circuitry with a Positive Intelligence-rep to stay in the moment and think clearly. This mini-meditation involves intense focus on one of your senses for as little as 10 seconds to enable clear headed focus and thoughts of optimism.

Marius Barnard - Performance Executive Coach

  • Victories over 6 World No. 1's Roger Federer, Andy Roddick, Marat Safin etc
  • 6 tour doubles titles, and a finalist 8 times – career high 44
  • Two centre court appearances reaching the Quarter Finals at Wimbledon and Australian Open
  • Majored in Business Psychology and Business Management.
  • Marius' coaching experience spans over 20 years
  • Award winning Racquets Manager at Next Generation Clubs
  • Working with: Professional Tennis players, Professional Cricketers
  • EMCC Global Individual Senior Practitioner Accreditation
  • Workshops for Medius, Eliptic, Travelzoo, David Lloyd and training leaders in Positive Intelligence
  • Coaching CEO's Managing Partners, Directors

Tim Henman "Success is about maximising your potential and Marius certainly did that through hard work and determination, in his tennis career. I am sure he will continue these standards, whether through coaching, mentoring or presenting."

Phil Jones: Selling to Senior Executives (Inside the brain of a CEO): When the big moment comes and it’s time to communicate or meet with a top executive you can either "blow it" or "boss it" very quickly.

With a short timeframe to make a positive impression, your preparation and approach are critical to making that first impression a success. Yet many continue to get it so wrong.

During his talk, Phil will share his experience with on how the best salespeople break through and how to get inside the mind of a CEO to create credibility early and go on to secure the sale.

Key takeaways:

  • What the most common mistakes are and how to avoid them.
  • How to build credibility before you’ve met.
  • How to create impact when you meet (in person or on-screen).

Phil Jones MBE, FF.ISP - Managing Director of Brother

Phil Jones is Managing Director of the UK arm of global technology manufacturer - Brother. Joining the business in 1994 as salesperson, he worked his way up the organisation to be appointed its head in 2013.

Awarded an MBE for Services to Business in 2016, Phil is a Companion of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), a Fellow of the Institute of Directors (IoD) and a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP).

You can follow him on Twitter @philjones40

Steve Jones: The 3 reasons people negotiate bad deals - and how to avoid them!: How many times have you been involved in a negotiation with a customer and felt that you could have done better? There are a few fundamental things that people involved in selling frequently get wrong and in this session, Steve will explain what they are.

Most sellers prepare comprehensively for the sale part of the process but very few prepare thoroughly for the negotiation. They confuse rehearsal with preparation. Professional buyers will almost always have received negotiation training and they have far more negotiation experience than most sellers.

Paradoxically their increased experience can often be their Achilles heel. They believe that their experience removes the necessity for effective planning. Most buyers' idea of preparation for a supplier meeting is "let's get the supplier in and see what I've got to say " - which falls far short of effective preparation!

Key takeaways:

  • The behaviour of people on both sides of the table is driven by what they believe. Make sure you only believe things that are true!
  • Planning for the negotiation is not the same as planning for the sale. If you sell properly sometimes you don't have to negotiate - but if you do negotiate - how can you minimise the time you spend for the maximum return?
  • Whether you like it or not, part of negotiation is a game. There are some "rules" that will consistently improve your outcomes.

Steve Jones - Negotiation Expert and Coach

Steve Jones is one of the UK's leading negotiation experts and coaches. He is frequently on BBC radio and was asked to comment on Tesco's negotiation approach on Panorama and KFC's supply chain woes on BBC breakfast. Not only has he worked for over 20 years in senior buying and selling roles at board level for a variety of organisations across the FMCG sector, but he has also trained their buying teams both here and abroad.

He created, ran, and later successfully sold a £10m food brokerage company and led a management buy-in and turnaround of a £5m turnover confectionery company, before setting up Focal Point Negotiation in 2000. He is personally involved in negotiating contracts of all sizes – from mediating in a £20k debt recovery to post merger supplier negotiations for household names. He is highly experienced in preparing professionals to face the rigors of business-critical negotiations.

As well as running his own consultancy he serves as a non-executive director and a mentor for several SMEs. He is a qualified mediator, and a visiting lecturer at Kent Business School.

Nevil Tynemouth: The Brutal Truth About Selling in a Changing World: Have you ever noticed how people (including you) can be, let's say, inconsistent? Have you ever observed any of your teams avoiding doing the things that they know they should be doing? Do YOU ever find yourself avoiding the things you really should be doing?

This session will help you and your team reconnect to the core human aspects of selling which will give you and your teams the ability to grow and thrive to make a real difference to your client's changing world.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding why you avoid certain sales activity (changing the way you think about selling).
  • Refocusing on your real sales goals.
  • Knowing how to build trust and become a trusted advisor.

Nevil Tynemouth - Founder of New Results

Nevil is the founding director of New Results, a business that helps professional services organisations improve their selling and business development activities.

Nevil was involved in launching two of the UK's most familiar brands in Dyson and BlackBerry. He has worked as part of FTSE100 companies management teams for over a decade and in sales for 25 years.

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