Do I need to know about change management to lead in sales?


9.00 am BST: As a result of joining this event the participant will know the importance of change management in sales which will enable them to gain access to the tools to help them learn and embed personal change management into their practice.

Recommended audience

Global sales leaders, managers, and sales members who aspire to grow. HR Managers, CEO's

Type of audience

UK and International


In this session we ask the important question about change management and do you need to learn about it to be a leader in sales. Short answer is YES. Here we briefly uncover why you need to know this and then introduce to you a pioneering new book that provides definitions, models, and outlines the overarching support of why and how you can learn to incorporate personal change management into your sales practice. The personal change model SCARED SO WHAT will be critical to your practice and is now available in an application for individuals to learn and use. At the end, you’ll be provided a discount code to secure your copy of Transforming Sales Management.

Key takeaways

  • The importance of learning change management and personal change
  • New model SCARED SO WHAT is available for free for use
  • How to access support to learn how to transform sales management

CPD Points

CPD Points: Two (when attending live) or one (watching the recording)


Dr Grant Van Ulbrich FF.ISP, Global Director, Sales Transformation at Royal Caribbean Group

Grant Van Ulbrich holds a master's in science in leading sales transformation through the Consalia Sales Business School and is a Doctor of Professional Studies in Sales Transformation through Middlesex University. A certified sales coach with the ILM and a founding fellow of the ISP. Grant is the sales transformation leader at Royal Caribbean International and is the creator of SCARED SO WHAT, the model for personal change.

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